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Objectives and Targets


  • The peculiarity of Caspian Engineering Solutions LLC as a 3rd party company is to be impartial and objective. Integrated Safety, Environment & Quality Management System's policy has been issued in order to maintain this status and continuously develop and improve. The purpose of this policy is to provide all of its current and prospective Customers with Services that consistently exceed their expectations in relation to Quality, Health, Safety, Reliability, Customer Service and Environmental responsibilities. 
  • Caspian Engineering Solutions LLC has taken all necessary steps to ensure that the function and Scope of this QHSE Policy is communicated, implemented, understood and maintained at all levels of the organization, which outlines our commitment to: 
    • safe practices in construction areas, laboratory tests and a safe working environment 
    • continual improvement, and prevention of pollution 
    • assessment of all identified risks, as well as establishing of appropriate safeguards 
    • continuous improvement of safety management skills of site based and project support personnel, including preparing for emergencies related both to safety and environmental protection 
    • compliance with applicable legal requirements, and with other requirements to which the Company is subscribed, and its environmental aspects 
    • prevention of injury and ill health and continual improvement 
  • These QHSE standards will be achieved by operating an Integrated QHSEMS that meets the requirements of: 
    • Quality Standard ISO 9001:2015 
    • Occupational Health & Safety Standard ISO 45001:2018 
    • Pollution Prevention and Environmental Standard ISO 14001:2015. 
    • The current Policy is communicated, implemented, understood and maintained by all persons working for and on behalf and under the control of our organization with the intent that they are made aware of their individual QHSE obligations.


  • Caspian Engineering Solutions ensures sustainability of the process involved in industrial developments. Our mission is to apply sustainability in all spheres of our working process. We pay equal atention to environmental friendly, peace and justice, and keeping Earth green. Currently we are investing our resources and time to reach partnership for this goal.Caspian Engineering Solutions believes that applying sustainable development goals will lead company becoming worldwide brand.